First Post!

  An Unmovable Feast  Laura Hudspith 2017

An Unmovable Feast Laura Hudspith 2017

Hello everyone! I think it's high time I start a blog around here. I hope to keep these short and sweet, and just post every now and then so people can see what I'm up to! I'm sort of a jack of all trades type of girl, and I'd like to have somewhere to post about the many creative projects I work on, in the various mediums I work with! This might not be a daily, weekly, or even monthly thing for me. I prefer posting more interesting content, rather than posting for the sake of posting frequently. 

In this first post I'd like to mention that Laura Hudspith's solo show, 'TL;DR' , is opening tonight at Project Gallery in Toronto! I was so pleased when she approached me for help with the photography and videography for this show! I think we both learned a lot; the editing in premiere pro was a huge collaborative effort and learning process for the two of us! It was lovely. She is lovely. We are now pro video editors (just kidding. maybe?). Come meet Laura tonight and see her incredible work, including sculpture/installation/photo and video, and check out her insta, @laurahudspith and her website !